Louisville StorageA Another Room Self Storage, locally owned and operated, serves Louisville, KY and surrounding areas.  We offer Residential Storage and Commercial Storage units at competitive prices.

Are you moving into a new home and need to store some of your items during the transition? Is your business moving to a new location and you need storage for your office items and inventory? A Another Room Self Storage has the solution for your storage needs.


Our customers are provided with video secured access units for their items and climate controlled units are also available. Whether you need storage for the year or need month-to-month rental, we can help!

You can access your items 7 days a week. We look forward to serving your Louisville storage needs.  We are ready to help, call us today!

3 Convenient Locations
for Louisville Storage

6713 Strawberry Lane
Louisville, KY 40214

5550 Greenbelt Hwy
Louisville, KY 40216

Fern Creek
7902 Beulah Church Rd
Fern Creek, KY 40228



Unit Size

What Fits?  (these are typical estimations)

Standard Price

Climate Control Price

5x10 Accommodates couch, chair, chest of drawers. Comparable to a walk-in closet. (50 sq. ft)

 $63.00 / month

 $84.00 / month

5x15 Accomodates the size of a small bedroom with light storage items, large dining sets, and washer/dryer. (75 sq. ft)

 $78.00 / month

 $92.00 / month

10x10 Accommodates furnishings for a one bedroom apartment with appliances. Comparable to a mid-size bedroom. (100 sq. ft)

 $93.00 / month

 $118.00 / month

10x15 Accommodates furnishings for a two bedroom apartment or a small house without appliances. Comparable to a large bedroom. (150 sq. ft)

 $115.00 / month

 $153.00 / month

10x20 Accommodates furnishings for a small house with appliances, or a car or small truck. Comparable to a small one car garage. (200 sq. ft)

 $132.00 / month

 $175.00 / month

10x25 Accommodates furnishings for a small house with appliances and a small car.  Comparable to a typical one car garage.   (250 sq. ft)

 $149.00 / month

 $211.00 / month

10x30 Accommodates furnishings for a three bedroom house. Will hold the contents of a 40-foot moving van. Comparable to an extra long garage. (300 sq. ft)

 $176.00 / month

 $235.00 / month

7 DAYS A WEEK ACCESS ~ SOUTHSIDE 502-363-0307 ~ RIVERPORT 502-447-9071 ~ FERN CREEK 502-231-1965

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